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    The Duo Affetuoso is composed of two musicians, Philippe Pachet, clarinetist and Marie-Claude Werchowska, pianist, united by the passion for music and by life recently.

    Working as a couple is not always necessarily “idyllic” but affection and tenderness always return like a blue sky after the rain, and allow the performance of interpretation.

    Latest album

    Music is universal, bringing harmony and peace: this is the message that Marie-Claude and Philippe wanted to convey in this recording. It presents musicians leaving their country not without a pinch in the heart, fleeing from barbarism and emigrating in host countries: Tedesco in the United States, Hindemith in Switzerland, the Horovitz family in England and André Bloch in France.

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    Piano and Clarinet Sonatas

    Next concert


    This concert will be offered to the Muret music school and to the students in thanks for allowing us to record our clarinet and piano CD for two days, on October 30 and 31, 2017 for the LIGIA DIGITAL label.

    The theme of the concert is the duty of memory that we want to transmit to the young generation.

    We will present verbally and of course musically some composers who had to flee their homeland because of their origin in the Second World War.

    These composers that we recorded on our CD: HOROWITZ, HINDEMITH, TEDESCO and BLOCH all suffered the exile.

    Madame Joelle Krupa, who had been kind enough to make a watercolor on the cover of our CD, will illustrate our music on the spot with her talent.

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    Press review

    Marie-Claude Werchowska possesses the impeccable technique the Conservatory’s best students are noted for. She bedazzled her audience with the brilliance and grace of her playing. But it was the substantial Chopin group, which brought the chief surprises of the evening. Marie-Claude Werchowska is a trim blonde, but she can summon an astonishing degree of power for such thing as surging octabes and to contrast it with light as mir gossamer in the delicate passage work

    Werchowska succesfully treada line. It was a pleasure to spend the evening with pianist Marie-Claude Werchowska. Her playing consistently combined technical finesse with a sensitive and intelligent understanding of the inner workings of het concert material. Werchowska brought a poetic sensibility to her playing.

    A la pianista Marie-Claude werchowska le escuchamos en toda las versiones puso un sello de extraordinario musicalidad y temperamento

    Marie-Claude Werchowska, une pianiste de talent, possédant une technique à toute épreuve et une musicalité non moins certaine à base de rigueur et de lyrisme